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What is the purpose of ore sand! What is the difference between ore sand and river sand?

2021-04-16 16:51:55

Ore sand is a kind of sand that is mined from ore deposits or processed by ore, and belongs to a kind of machine-made sand (reference: introduction to machine-made sand). Same use as ordinary sand (reference: use of sand)

     The difference between ore sand and river sand


     Compared with river sand, ore sand has distinct edges and corners, higher mud content than river sand, rough surface, and more organic impurities. However, the sharp edges and corners of the ore sand make the film-hanging film more capable of intercepting pollution. The Mohs hardness is also high, and the backwash is not affected. River sand is divided into construction sand, dried river sand, and natural river sand. It is a non-metallic ore produced by long-term collision and friction of stones with water. Generally speaking, it belongs to relatively neutral soil. The composition of river sand is more complicated. Generally speaking, the main component is quartz, which contains elements such as silicon dioxide. (Reference: Introduction to River Sand)

     The advantages of ore sand are high SiO2 content, low hydrochloric acid solubility, sharp edges and corners, high whiteness, uniform sieved particles, and the effect after backwashing is not affected.



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