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Located in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yingkou Hongjia Mining Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional company engaged in the import, production, processing and sales of chrome ore, which and has the right to import and export. 

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It is based on operating chrome ore as its core business, integrating chrome ore trading, processing and beneficiation
An integrated large-scale comprehensive mining company

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  • 04-16

    What is the...

    Ore sand is a kind of sand that is mined from ore deposits or processed by ore, and belongs to a kind of machine-made sand (reference: introduction to machine-made sand). Same use as ordinary sand (reference: use of sand) The difference between ore sand and river sand Compared with river sand, ore sand has distinct edges and corners, higher mud content than river sand, rough surface, and more or...
  • 05-22

    Foreign placer...

    Placer exploration methods There are two methods used for placer exploration abroad, including shallow well method and drilling method [5].Shallow wells are widely used in the exploration of placers with low water content buried in ore bodies, and as a verification method for placer drilling. However, land placer deposits are mostly distributed in river valleys of modern water systems, with abunda...
  • 05-22

    Origin of coastal...

    Coastal placers are placers enriched in the loose sediments of modern coastal zones and ancient coastal zones, mostly surface deposits. In terms of definition, it is different from the surface sedimentary minerals collected in the loose sediments of the shallow seabed and the shallow sea placers which are buried under the modern sediments [1].The main mineralization process of seaside placer can b...

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Operating chrome ore,
Chrome ore, processing, beneficiation
Large integrated mining company

Company Name: Yingkou Hongjia Mining Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Telephone: +86-186-0518-8852/+86-155-2250-8952


Address: 107A, West Tsinghua Street, Yingkou Area, Liaoning Province